BPO Services

BPO Services

Core Ideologies

At Vento Infotech BPO, we are a team of dynamic people who develop innovative customer centric service mechanisms and solutions to keep up with the ever increasing complex customer requirements and latest technological advances. All services and processes are rigorously tested to ensure that they meet the industry standards for quality.Here are some differentiators that have played a major role in the success of Vento BPO.

  • Vast Experience and domain expertise
  • Years of association with Global Corporations across industry domains gives Vento BPO a thorough understanding of the functioning of various business segments. This knowledge base allows us to have better understanding of cross cultural issues helping us to improve and reengineer our clients processes as we migrate them.
  • Commitment to Superior Quality
  • Vento Infotech BPO set up a Quality Assurance group, which is responsible for improving organizational excellence implementing the best practices for quality control at all levels. Apart from our internal Quality Assessments and Reviews we also invite and encourage our clients to conduct independent Quality Audits at regular intervals.
  • People Focus
  • Our progressive HR practices help us attract, excite and retain the best talent. This is why Vento BPO focuses on Retention then controlling attrition rate. This ensures a stable and motivated manpower resource for our clients projects at lower costs.
  • Dependable Risk Mitigation
  • Vento Infotech BPO understands the strategic nature of the outsourcing initiative for our clients. Risk mitigation is achieved by implementing Multi-level Delivery strategy, Maintaining High level of redundancy at both Telecom and Equipment level.
  • We conduct Comprehensive Data,Network and Physical Security Audits at all levels with an internal team of certified security professionals.


The end result of a phone call is decided in the first 30-60 seconds. Whether it’s general enquiry, a query, or a complaint, it is important to gain customers confidence. We understand that attending to an inbound phone call is not merely answering questions and resolving problems. The process first starts at empathizing with the customer and viewing the scenario from his/her perspective. We source agents locally who understand local dialect, have local accent and excel in their interpersonal communication skills.


At Vento BPO, we do more than just make phones calls. Our commitment is to provide multilingual, high-volume customer acquisition at competitive costs. Our custom-trained agents experienced in high-end, unscripted selling are well-informed about specific products and services. We realize that the success of any campaign is measured by results. Our telemarketing team works on this credo. It delivers through state-of-the-art technology, domain knowledge, management expertise plus many more.

Vento Infotech BPO employees are dedicated to providing a wide range of services in areas such as :

  • Inbound & Outbound calling services
  • Back office Services
  • Customer care services
  • Lead & Demand Generation Services
  • Data Sorting , indexing and book marking services
  • Virtual services
  • Call Scoring, Auditing and Analytics services