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Data Processing

We provide timely and accurate offshore data processing services as an assortment of data collection and entry, computer or electronic data processing, data conversion, classification and validation, analytics and presentation of that data in a visual, tabular or textual format, for your company to glean business insights.Listed to be one of the best data processing services in Coimbatore, we leverage advanced tools and highly experienced in-house teams to process data with the highest accuracy & speed at cost-effective rates for a variety of industries and companies. Our data processing solutions enable companies with a more efficient method of retrieving information, while also safeguarding the data from loss or damage.

Our Data Processing Service Offerings:

Data Entry

We have been providing wide array of data entry services , online as well as offline. Whether you have few records or a million records to enter or capture, we provide you an excellent support and best in class service.

Data Conversion

We have the capabilities to convert large volume of unorganized or unstructured data into more suitable, easy-to-access digital format. We can handle all data content files – scanned images, PDF documents, eBooks, microfilm, HTML, XML, etc.

Forms & Check Processing

Earlier, we have processed more than 1 million forms for our clients. We are specialist in processing unstructured forms such as survey forms, registration forms, claims, applications, checks, etc.

Data Formatting and Cleansing

We have dedicated specialists for data formatting and cleansing to improve your data quality. We also provide De-duplication, address validation, standardization and enrichment services.

Resume Processing & Formatting

We have been providing resume processing / formatting services which enables HR managers, staffing and recruiting agencies to manage bunch of resumes in a standardized format. Our experienced editors, researchers and proofreaders have requisite knowledge of imaging and scanning technology, and document management standards that conform to global standards. Our technically sound staff and specialized data processing teams, use customized software for converting data from any kind of format

Data Research

Any business generates huge chunk of data with valuable information.Data Research and Data Analysis is an important function of data processing. It requires systematic approach to the data gathered for accurate analysis. The logical approach towards data facilitates the decision maker on business decisions.

The generated data needs to be processed to extract findings, trends and other business critical information. Such gathered data should be processed, analysed and use the results to improve the business. Vento Infotech helps any Global business in the Data Processing services, when you outsource it to us.

The data processing service can be performed either manually or automatically. Typically a call centre which is generating data by way of calling can process data manually because of low data volume, however if the data is generated through online or any other medium, it requires automated systems for Data processing.

There are automated tools available which processes the data as per the requirement and processed data can then be used for analysis and further action. We specialize in all 3 formats of data processing services. The data plays a pivotal role in the success of all new age online businesses. They process the data to target audience, product, gender, country etc.